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a prime example of where traditional plumping
would fail as it is disruptive.
“At Sick Kids Hospital, the need for our
technology is crucial. There are certain floors,
and certain wings, and certain areas in the
hospital where creating holes in the walls and
digging up the ground would be impossible,
because of the machines and equipment,” he
says. “Because of the people and young children
in the hospital who are suffering from many
different types of diseases, dust and messes
and heavy duty construction would cause very
inconvenient outcomes if these dust particles
got into the wrong areas of the hospital.”
Business Growth the
Organic Way
The company is beginning to expand across
Canada. Callipo says Canada’s piping infrastruc-
ture is aging and will require the kind of pipe
lining services CPL Tech offers. In the next five to
ten years, the company is looking to grow, but
not at the expense of its core values.
“As much as we have the opportunity to
grow at a faster rate, we want to continue to
grow organically, because we feel that if we
start to lose the quality in our products, in our
work, in our employees, and in our organization,
we’re just going to be another company that is
all about the money. We still want to grow, but
grow in a way that our core values and our fam-
ily culture remains the same,” Callipo says. “It’s
about quality not quantity.”
Five Core Values
To Live By
CPL Tech has strong core values that can be
attributed to the company’s success. Its first core
value is communication. “Communication in the
planning process is crucial when getting involved
in these project,” Callipo says. “From the project
managers to technicians to the customers to
the people residing in the building, it’s important
to have strong communication with everybody
involved to complete the project.”
Efficiency is another core value. Callipo says
having an efficient practice makes the difference
between a project taking days or hours. “We
don’t want to hold up a project because we’re
lacking certain tools or equipment,” he says.
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