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deliver your best food to your customer. Every
time you feel like you want to save on something
ask yourself if that’s coming from the custom-
ers’ pocket,” Fakih says. “Your customer is your
best partner, not your money. If your customer is
happy, you’re always going to make money. Your
customers and your employees are your best
The team can make or break you, Fakih says,
including franchisees and employees. He stresses
the importance of carefully selecting the right
candidates. “Not everyone is fit to run a location
or work in the food business, even though they
want the opportunity,” he says. “Maintain a rigor-
ous selection process and stick to it, to ensure all
parties are protected.”
Fakih also suggests staying humble and rec-
ognizing you don’t know everything. He says to
hire experts. “It is important to surround yourself
with people who bring the right talent to fill your
Another key to success is to maintain consis-
tency. This includes the signature recipes, plating
techniques and greetings. “Ensure that every-
thing is to the highest quality standard, and can
be repeated. Once you find the magic, replicate
it in every interaction and location,” Fakih says.
“It’s very simple,” he adds. “Fresh food and a
consistent product.”
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