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Fresh East
says when meat is prepared in this way it tastes
better, is healthier and stays fresh for longer due
to the absence of blood. “Halal meat is not only
the most hygienic, but the most humane way of
slaughtering the animal,” Fakih explains. He says
the methods stem from the belief that all animals
should be cared for and respected.
The Paramount Group has been Certified
Halal by ISNA Halal Certification Agency the
Halal Monitoring Authority, and Canada Halal
Examination and Certification, which certifies
that the meats comply with the strict Islamic
A Variety of Options
Fresh East reflects the variety of Middle Eastern
cuisine and it strives to serve exactly the kind of
food Canadians would find in the region. “Similar
to the Paramount concept, we insist on serving
our food the way it is served in the Middle East,”
Fakih says. “It always suggests the original recipe.
Chefs bring in combination recipes from coun-
tries like Lebanon for our sandwiches.” In fact,
Fakih makes a point of sending his staff to the
Middle East on frequent research and develop-
ment missions to ensure the menu is not lacking
any essential cuisine ideas.
At Fresh East, customers can make their own
pita with hot or cold cut meat and choose from
a variety of cheeses, toppings and sauce. The
submarine meats range from the traditional roast
beef, turkey, tuna, and the Fresh East club to
turkey and beef roll. The classic Middle Eastern
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