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Paramount Paper Products Ltd.
More than 50 years ago, Nicholas
Assaly founded Paramount Paper
Products Ltd., an industrial packaging
company, to meet the demands of
Montreal’s thriving manufacturing
industry. He had an innate ability to
understand customers’ needs and
help them succeed by ensuring top-
quality products and services.
Deborah Assaly and
husband John Bilikas continue to run the
company with the same approach: provide one-
of-a-kind customer service and ensure their
clients profit from Paramount’s wide range of
products and knowledge.
New Exclusive Products
As a medium-sized industrial packaging com-
pany, Paramount provides a diverse product line
to the food and beverage industry, the apparel
industry, as well as distribution centres and a
third-party warehouse. These products range
from corrugated cartons and products, poly
bags, industrial papers, films, protective packag-
ing, tape and shipping supplies. In addition to
packaging, the company recently added a line of
extra-strength sanitary cleaners.
Under a new trademark called Husky North,
Paramount released four new industrial cleaners;
a degreaser that penetrates and dissolves
industrial strength grease and dirt. The degreaser
is strong enough to clean engines, heavy
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