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Paramount Paper Products Ltd.
and plastic cases. It is designed to ship things
that are too heavy, fragile, or expensive to ship
in a cardboard box, according to Paramount’s
Paramount provides products to many well-
known companies. It is the key supplier of the
Canadian winter sporting apparel company, Kombi
Sports Inc. Paramount supplies packaging products
to other well-known brands, including the clothing
company, GUESS.
Above and Beyond
Paramount’s core principle is its commitment to
customer service which is driven by teammembers
who live the company philosophy. “Our biggest
attribute is our customer service. Everybody in the
company is very well educated on all our products,
in all customers and in customers’ needs. And we
make sure that our customers are extremely well
serviced. Once they know about our service, it is
hard for them to leave.”
The service does not stop with quality prod-
ucts. Paramount also educates customers on how
to use packaging correctly, and conducts ware-
house and packaging audits to help businesses
implement solutions that reduce the labour and
costs associated with shipping.
“We find the right packaging for the manu-
facturer and often we stock what they need on
our floor. In the food industry,” she explains, “we
have a lot of customers for example, that sell to
Loblaws. When Loblaws says it has a special on
chicken that week, the chicken producers need
to ship without delay. If they don’t have their
packaging on hand they are in trouble – they
cannot fulfill their orders. But they are never stuck
because we carry a certain amount of inventory
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