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on hand for them; they always have just in time
delivery from us.”
To ensure that customers never run out of the
necessary supplies, they receive monthly reports
on their inventory levels and information about
seasonal trends to ensure everything is shipped
as needed. Paramount ships from either of its
two warehouses in Montreal and Champlain, NY,
which ensures the products arrive on time. “The
products we carry are guaranteed, if it doesn’t
work I take it back,” Assaly adds.
Paramount is committed to reducing its
carbon footprint with environmentally friendly
products that do not comprise on quality. The
packaging industry took an early lead in sustain-
ability and Paramount continues to follow these
trends. Currently, all of its corrugated cartons are
made of recycled material and it often purchases
plastics that biodegrade.
Future goals
Looking to the future, the company is pushing
to become increasingly unique in the market-
place. Paramount plans to continue exporting
to the U.S., as well as open additional distribu-
tion centres in the country. Paramount is open
to exploring online sales opportunities and
recently became a prime vendor for Amazon.
As advice for women working in male-
dominated industries, Assaly shares some
encouraging words. “Make sure to always stay
strong to your convictions. Set goals and don’t
let anybody distract you from them,” she says.
Delivering on its Promises
Paramount has ensured customer loyalty over
the years, primarily by delivering on its promises.
“One of my pride and joys is that we have been
around for so long as a loyal supplier to our cus-
tomers, and, in return, our customers have been
extremely loyal to us,” Assaly explains. “Respect is
of Paramount importance to me and has become
the culture of our company. This also extends to
type of customer we have, which is also extremely
respectable. Doing business in this way is much
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