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AB World Foods
us,” he says. “We have people that are local in
Mexico or the U.S. or Brazil but the team here is
cross functional from a strategic standpoint with
support on marketing and back-office category
management; we support those smaller teams.”
There are five hubs worldwide including
Canada, Poland, Australia, United Kingdom and
Thailand run autonomously by region but there
is leveraged scale in working together on best
practices in marketing, sales and category man-
agement. There is a constant sharing of ideas,
which results in a robust global network. A pri-
mary objective of AB World Foods in Toronto has
been to assist in retailers’ growth.
“One of the things we’ve worked hard at is
to support the retailers with ethnic food events
such as the Chinese New Year. We’ve invested
to create those promotions and we’ve invested
in innovation more than anybody else. We have
a good relationship with them and have partici-
pated in a big way,” Dery proudly says.
A dynamic observed by Dery is that Canadians
are becoming savvy about ethnic world foods,
which means many more authentic products are
more successful versus the older brands. With so
many immigrants in large metropolitan areas such
as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal you’ve got a
consumer that is often much more open to world
flavours. In that sense, Dery is certain the com-
pany has the right assortment of products and in
the right business to succeed.
“We have a five-year plan and goals that we
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