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AB World Foods
AB World Foods, a division of the
global giant Associated British Foods,
continues to enjoy substantial
business growth since opening its
Toronto location almost six years
ago. The Canadian hub oversees all
of the Americas and the selling of
Indian and Asian cuisine, bringing
tasty new world flavours to a number
of various food dishes.
Chinese Canadian com-
munities alone account for one-third, or nearly
$6 billion, of grocery spending in Toronto and
Vancouver, so the opportunities are immense.
“Cuisines are changing,” says Jean-Francois
Dery, General Manager of AB World Foods. “People
are eating more Indian food, more Asian food and
flavours are really mixing. It’s a great opportunity
for us to capture continued ethnic growth.”
Having the precise distribution, structure,
promotions and making sure that AB World
Foods has the correct brand presence in the
retail stores was the first step in a successful
move forward for Dery and his team.
“Once we got the fundamentals in order
we started to innovate and it really helped us as
we managed to double the business. It was also
engaging retailers in getting behind ethnic food
events,” he says.
AB World Foods sells Indian and Asian
food solutions and has attained a high level
of engagement by retailers to create in-store
solutions, merchandising and an inspiration for
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