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AB World Foods
customers to cook Asian and Indian at home.
That was a big milestone for Dery and his
team: to get those flavours in front of Canadian
consumers, because it’s still less than 15% pen-
etration as far as cooking Indian food at home.
Asian is at more than 50% penetration but the
frequency is not that high compared with what
people will eat at home every week like spaghetti
or chicken.
Investing in more in targeted consumer com-
munication and television campaigns and on
social media has led to AB World Foods expanding
their branding efforts on a relatively small budget.
“We’ve grown the Indian category by double
digits every year. The brand is the leader in the
category. When we came in 2010 we were No.3,”
Dery tells us. “We have many partners because
we’re a small team. We have distributors like ID
Foods from Quebec who have been very good at
helping us with the sales and supply chain for the
brands across Canada.”
“People are eating more Indian
food, more Asian food and
flavours are really mixing. It’s
a great opportunity for us
to capture continued ethnic
– Jean-Francois Dery,
General Manager of AB World Foods
As the premiere speciality foods distribu-
tor in Canada since 1948, we are pleased
to have been appointed the national dis-
tribution partner of AB World Foods. We
welcome Patak’s into our family as we
continue to distribute Blue Dragon which
we have done since 1996.
I-D Foods is the proud distribution
partner for over 60 brands from the world
over including Maille, Cape Cod, Materne,
Blue Dragon and our newest partners,
Patak’s, Nando’s and Tabasco.
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