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JULY 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
Prior to joining AB World Foods Dery had
spent 19 years at Kraft. During his final three
years in that position he spent a good deal of
his time taking smaller brands to market, and it’s
something he enjoyed, but quickly realized there
was a much different approach to it than with
many of the larger brands.
Intrigued by his work experiences, Dery envi-
sioned a new role at a smaller company where
he would serve as general manager and promote
smaller brands, but have more of a say in the
overall business. That’s when he and AB World
Foods found each another. He says the entire
experience has been a very positive one from the
outset. “At AB World Foods we can move quickly
and have a lot of autonomy, with of course some
guidance. A lot of people who join me to be part
of the team had also worked for larger compa-
nies. But here we can get things done faster.”
The success of any profitable company can
always be tracked directly to its employees and
Dery is enormously proud of his support staff.
Since 2010, there has been a turnover of just
“We’ve grown the Indian
category by double digits every
year. The brand is the leader in
the category. When we came in
2010 we were No.3.”
– Jean-Francois Dery,
General Manager of AB World Foods
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