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Canadian Football League
The arrival of summer brings with it
another action-packed season of the
Canadian Football League, a national
sport steeped in rich tradition from
coast to coast. It’s the league made
famous through decades of exciting,
fire-brand of offensive play-calling
as well as numerous notorious
Grey Cup championships including
the 1962 Fog Bowl at Toronto’s
Exhibition Stadium and the 1977 Ice
Bowl in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium,
where the hometown Alouettes
slid to victory over the Edmonton
Eskimos in field conditions more
conducive for hockey than football.
Fast forward to last year and we had
the Eskimos’ big victory over the
newest kid on the block, the Ottawa
REDBLACKS in Winnipeg.
climate-controlled domed
stadiums of Toronto and Vancouver, (and in the
past Montreal), the CFL has played its games in
conditions ranging from intensely hot to freezing
cold and everything in between, which in many
ways is a mirror reflection of Canada itself. It’s a
resilient league that has always persevered, even
during the ups and downs of some financially
difficult rollercoaster years. But one constant is
that the league has always retained a loyal throng
of fans. In fact, a nationwide survey conducted
by the University of Lethbridge in 2006 deter-
mined the CFL was the second most popular
sports league in the nation, behind only the
National Hockey League.
As the 2016 regular season recently kicked
off at BMO Field in Toronto it brought about the
start of the sophomore year of the CFL’s 13th
Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge, who has big plans
to take the league to the next level during his ten-
ure at the helm. The New York City native comes
from a strong career background in sports and
business management. Prior to joining the CFL he
was Executive Director at CBC Sports, previous to
which he was at Right to Play International, Mattel,
Warner Bros., Reebok and USA Basketball.
Jeffrey Orridge, CFL Commissioner
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