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Canadian Football League
“I believe that those experiences have really
positioned me well to take on the challenges
here,” Orridge says, who began his career as a
corporate lawyer right out of Harvard Law School.
“I’ve been involved in sport but most importantly
I’ve been involved in the business of sport.”
Orridge and his wife have lived in Toronto for
almost a decade now and have two young sons.
He had himself hoped to have been a profes-
sional athlete, but being the commissioner of a
major sports league is every bit as good – if not
better. He subscribes to the theory that in order
to be successful you must listen, learn, prepare,
plan and execute.
During the exclusive interview with CBJ,
Orridge says he really liked what he saw in his
first year with the CFL, which he’s been a fan of
for many years.
“From a competitive standpoint, the games
were close, scoring was up and there was level of
Player safety and reducing injuries on the field remains front and centre for the CFL.
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