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Canadian Football League
unpredictability in the outcome, which may have
been unprecedented where there were so many
games that were decided by six points or less,
often in the last three minutes of the game,” he
recalls. In terms of excitement, enthusiasm and
unpredictability and all the things that you look
to sport for, last season had it all.”
It is readily apparent Orridge is a results-
driven individual who recognizes that, to expand
and improve upon a brand, it’s essential to
directly address areas that are cause for concern.
He believes that in order to remove an obstacle,
you need to address it head on. If Orridge fol-
lows through on his pledge to be proactive in
solving problems, it can only make the league
that much stronger.
“One disappointing aspect was the num-
ber of quarterback injuries,” the commissioner
candidly states. “We certainly want to see our
“I inherited a drug policy,
which by a lot of standards
was sub-par, so we went about
enhancing that and making it
more transparent by having
more meaningful sanctions and
developing a more robust drug
– Jeffrey Orridge, CFL Commissioner
Until this year, BMO Field in Toronto had been used exclusively for soccer.
Photo: Abazz/Wikimedia Commons
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