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DealerMine Inc.
“As cars are getting more sophisticated, we
want to make sure that the customers don’t just
wait until their car tells them that their due for a
service but have the dealer contacting the cus-
tomers instead,” says Parmenter.
Fundamentally the difference between the
US and Canada has been that Canadian deal-
ers have long understood that a strong Service
department is instrumental to its long term suc-
cess. It has only been very recent that the other
CRM providers are starting to look at adding a
Service component to their offering. “We’ve had
15 years of experience building the product to
where it is today,” says Parmenter “Our competi-
tors can’t touch us when it comes to that,” she
adds modestly.
DealerMine strives to ensure that the entire
customer lifecycle in a dealership is a consistent
and rewarding one. “Other sales CRMs that are
now adding a service CRM product tend to treat
it more as a throw in,” says Quirion “Ours is a
core service and that makes it stand apart and
offer so much more.” The company strives to be
a flexible partner for the dealership and wants to
be perceived as a very engaging one that dealers
recognize that they cannot manage their busi-
ness without them.
Uniquely Canadian
DealerMine the only Canadian developed CRM.
Which is most important as Canada is a bilingual
market something which a lot of competitors
don’t provide or understand as they have been
developed for a different automotive market in
the US. Because DealerMine has been built for
Canada it is easily adapted to any language and is
really a multi-language CRM.
Client Retention
DealerMine’s retention rate is a rare benchmark
in the automotive industry where other CRM
companies have come and gone and they are
still around after 15 years.
“We have a 92-94% customer retention rate
as we don’t lose many clients once they come
on board with our products,” says Quirion.
DealerMine strives to be a company that
is responsive to theircustomers. “One of the
key things we really strive to do is ensure that
we answer the call versus going through a call
recording system and our response rate is usu-
ally within seconds, with a live person,” adds
Parmenter. “Something that we’re pride ourselves
for is our response to our customer base. I think
that’s why customers also love our support.”
BDC Services
The company is enjoying considerable growth
and recently moved into brand new facilities for
both their head office and for their BDC expand-
ing from 8,000 square feet to 24,000 square
feet. The majority of increase in employment has
been due to the expansion in their BDC. “One of
our products is the outsource BDC where some
dealers know they need to do a BDC but aren’t
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