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JULY 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
sure how to do it,” says Quirion “They can out-
source that entire role to us.”
DealerMine recently introduced a new appli-
cation called “telephony” which really impacts the
ability for a BDC to be efficient in their outbound
reach to their customer base. It also allows, from
the showroom perspective, for the sales people
to have recordings of the calls that they make to
consumers and have record of it. “The telephony
also allows the BDC agent to have a call record of
any particular call,” says Parmenter. “It’s a strong
solution to compliment a dealership in being effi-
cient in their day-to-day tasks.
Beyond helping out the dealership, with
telephony, dealerships have the ability to go
from 125 calls to as high as 225 calls per day,”
says Quirion. The end result for the dealer is that
they get more calls out, they are more calls back,
more appointments made, and more sales”
Benefits of Data
“From a technological perspective, what we’re
seeing is dealers are tired of having to contact
their suppliers or vendors for integrations, they
just want the providers and the software that
they buy and use to have those integrations
available,” says Quirion. “API, exposed data is a
big deal to dealers right now. If you try to go into
a dealership right now and try to own every-
thing, is the wrong thing to do. It’s better to be
an expert in an area, and CRM is our area and we
believe in agnostic software where we will open
up API’s and integrate with anyone that they
want to integrate with and this has been a real
trend in the last couple of years.”
Complimenting the Head Office and BDC
staff DealerMine is well represented across
North America with a team of Sales associates
who are chartered with the continued growth of
DealerMine into new markets along with growing
our existing account base with our newer prod-
ucts which take our customers to the next level.
Building products that touch the customer
in some way, shape or form remains the corner-
stone for DealerMine; whether is a prospective
customer coming in to buy a car, service their
vehicle or buy parts; DealerMine wants to own
that for the dealership. This has enabled them
to expand their product offering and become a
360” solution for the dealership. “We’re the big
company that likes to act like we’re small,” says
Quirion. “The way we treat our customers and
develop our products has not changed since the
day we started the company.”
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