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DealerMine Inc.
Fixed operations can account for
40% of a car dealership’s gross
profit. While vehicle sales may drive
that first customer interaction with
the dealership, Service is the key
to future sales and retention which
significantly impacts the dealerships
future gross profits. DealerMine
Inc. (DealerMine) offers a robust
Service and Sales CRM system
to help dealerships identify those
opportunities whether they are in
Service or Sales to ensure that the
customer returns to the dealership
to create the loyalty that Dealerships
today require.
John, NB,
DealerMine was founded by president and CEO,
Robert Quirion. His background as a software
engineer combined with 15 years experience
in the automotive industry, led him to discover
the significant connection between service and
sales.“I saw there was a huge opportunity in ser-
vice. I started to build this product which at the
time was called ‘DealerTrack” back in 1998,” says
Quirion. “We really wanted to grasp what our
customer’s needs were when they’re calling in to
us and also when we’re reaching out to them.”
Dealership departments are fragmented
from service, body shop, parts, to new car and
used car sales. Customers are treated as sepa-
rate customers in each of those departments.
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