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JULY 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
“With DealerMine, we look at the customer as
a whole which at the time we first started, was
a complete reversal of how dealerships looked
at a customer,” says Quirion. “When we first
launched, within just two months, we doubled
the gross profit of the dealership we were work-
ing with. As soon as the question was asked ‘Can
we buy this?’ I knew we had something and the
business took off from there.”
DealerMine provides a Customer
Relationship Management (CRM) that caters to
each and every department within an automotive
dealership. The approach to DealerMine’s CRM
is simple: building precise personalized relation-
ships with each of their customers.
“The term CRM typically in this industry is
“Customer Relationship Management” for the
entire dealership independent of department.
We aspire to achieve exactly that,” says Quirion.
“When they buy into DealerMine, they buy a CRM
for the entire dealership.”
“We’ve evolved from a Service only CRM to a
complete 360’ solution for dealerships.“Our core
DNA for all of our products has evolved from
the strength of our service product,” says Karen
Parmenter, VP, Sales & Marketing, North America.
“Over the past year we have introduced our Sales
CRM product and its complimentary application
Desking. We have seen a significant amount of
growth with both of these new applications. Our
complete 360 solution helps dealers increase
their share of the household driveway whether
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