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JULY 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
that is through selling Service maintenance,
which creates the loyalty to the dealership, or
through our Sales CRM product which identi-
fies for dealers those customers that could be
potentially in a position to trade into a newer
vehicle. By having a CRM solution that identi-
fies all opportunities for a dealership it achieves
two goals for the dealership, loyalty and increas-
ing revenues in a highly competitive automotive
When partnering with DealerMine, dealer-
ships notice their ability to create a unique and
personalized experience for their customers. It’s
the positive experiences cultivated in a service
department that creates future sales in an auto
“There are a lot of CRM companies out there
that tend to play in the shallow end because they
focus specifically on the Showroom part of the
business; the SalesCRM, says Parmenter. “When
it comes to Service CRM, there really isn’t anyone
in the deep end of the pool that does what we
do with our Service CRM, knowing who to call,
when to call and why.”
Service is the Future
Car sales can be strong but they can also be
spotty. In the US market in particular, there is
shift from the previous years of strong sales to a
trend where vehicle sales will decline from their
current levels. As result, the US market is waking
to a need for service BDC to get customers back
to the dealer.
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