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Lone Star Mercedes-Benz
better informed as well, particularly when work-
ing under the umbrella of a luxury brand.
“They know what information is available
about the vehicles prior to coming in and they’re
looking for confirmation from dealer person-
nel that what they have been led to believe is in
fact correct,” Clarke says. “If there is any type of
disconnect, then there is immediately a lack of
trust. It’s very important that our dealer person-
nel understand – very intimately – the products
or servicing that they are selling.”
At Lone Star Mercedes-Benz, everyone on
staff feels as if they are an integral part of the
team and ultimately its good fortune. It’s the type
of friendly, positive, stable atmosphere which has
resulted in a number of employees having long-
term tenures with the dealership.
“It’s a large part of the success of this com-
pany. The average tenure of the 20-plus sales
personnel would be seven to eight years and
we’ve got a couple that are 20 years plus,” Clarke
proudly says.
Lone Star consistently ranks as one of the
top Mercedes-Benz dealers and has the indus-
try accolades to prove it. Clarke is a President’s
Circle Member for his brand promotion and
leadership of top-notch sales people and deliv-
ery specialists. He believes the next wave of
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