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JULY 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
emerging automotive technologies stands to be
even more captivating than what the public has
seen to date.
“It’s definitely a matter of interest for most
customers who come through the door,” he says.
“Notably, I’d say it’s the move towards autono-
mous driving. We’ve got cars that park themselves,
steer and brake at appropriate times in autono-
mous matters. I think that’s the most exciting of
the new technologies that are taking shape.”
Over the next few years, Mercedes-Benz has
announced it plans to introduce about 30 new
models to its already impressive lineup. The new
model-year 2017 vehicles include the E-Class
luxury sedan, the GLS SUV, and the GLC mid-size
SUV. Each model is expected to include features
that may appeal to the needs of fleets and drivers.
“There will be an expectation from
Mercedes-Benz that we continue to maintain
our current velocity while keeping our customers
happy,” Clarke says. “We’re proud that our cus-
tomers like to deal with us.
The Mercedes-Benz international slogan sums
it up quite nicely: “The Best or Nothing”.
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