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Lone Star Mercedes-Benz
Mention the name Mercedes-Benz
and one of the first things that
immediately springs to mind is a
vehicle brand that embodies the very
nature of luxury high-performance,
sleek elegance, reliance and class,
continuously withstanding the test
of time. Founded 90 years ago in
Germany, it remains one of the most
recognizable automobiles on the
roadways in countries throughout
the world.
Star Mercedes-Benz has
been providing top-notch customer service and
high-performance vehicles for more than 40
years. About a decade ago, it became apparent
the dealership had outgrown its original location
and so the entire team made the move to what
is colloquially known as Luxury Lane on Heritage
Meadows Road SE in 2007, where a variety of
high-end automobile dealerships are conve-
niently located for consumers to browse while
deciding upon their next mode of transportation.
A friendly and knowledgeable staff of 120
people make it a focal point to always ensure the
customer is provided with their complete auto-
motive needs, including about 25 employees on
the sales and administration side, 22 mechanics
and 17 service bays. At Lone Star Mercedes-
Benz there are vehicles for everyone, both new
and pre-owned, with a courteous staff ready to
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