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JULY 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
provide professional sales and servicing assis-
tance Monday through Saturday.
There has been no shortage of news cov-
erage about the economic hardships in parts
of Alberta due to a prolonged downturn in the
natural resources industry, and specifically oil
and gas. However, the City of Calgary is known
for its resiliency and business diversification, and
as such a number of industries remain economi-
cally vibrant. As direct evidence of that, people
are still purchasing automobiles.
The Canadian Business Journal
recently spoke
with Simon Clarke, General Sales Manager at Lone
Star Mercedes-Benz, about consumers’ current
automobile purchasing trends of both new and
pre-owned vehicles in the Calgary area. Despite
the uncertainty within some business sectors,
sales at the dealership have remained sound.
“We’re doing quite well, running at an even
pace to last year, and given the situation overall
in Calgary, that’s a positive,” Clarke begins. “There
is diversity in a population of 1.4 million people.
Not everyone is involved in extracting oil or gas
out of the ground.”
Prosperity in any business always com-
mences at the executive branch by setting a
strong leadership example of hard work and
dedication for others within the organization
to emulate. Clarke is a big proponent of con-
centrating on the positives and it’s a trait that
has been readily adapted by his staff, who rep-
licate his lead in carrying out their roles and
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