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JULY 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
responsibilities with 100% professionalism at all
times. Despite trying economic times, there is
always that air of positivity in the building from
everyone on the team.
“I’ve encouraged them not to pay attention
to negative press about the economy and instead
look at the positives of the situation and it seems
to have worked. Everyone has found a way to be
successful with the power of positivity,” he says.
In a decidedly competitive sales environ-
ment, Clarke is well aware of the fact it is crucial
to always stay one step ahead of the compe-
tition. It’s a challenge he and his staff readily
accepts. The quality of the Mercedes-Benz brand
is a tremendous starting point, but what really
separates Lone Star from other dealerships is
its unrivalled client servicing from the time a
customer first walks into the dealership to well
beyond their point of purchase. As Clarke notes,
it is not just about selling an automobile; it’s
about building lasting relationships with those
customers, which in turn augments a superior
level of trust and understanding. The dealership
goes as far as to offer concierge service, bring-
ing vehicles to clients who are unable to visit the
Clarke says there are definite benefits to
being located front and centre on Luxury Lane.
The dealership itself boasts more than 55,000
square-feet of total space, a 10,000 square-foot
showroom, and about 30 different Mercedes-
Benz models on public display. The geographic
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