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Lone Star Mercedes-Benz
location and the building itself are both ideal for
continued prosperity according to Clarke.
“We’ve got some fancy automotive neigh-
bours here in Luxury Lane as it is colloquially
known,” he says. “This area of town is known to
be a place where you go to look for those types
of high-end vehicles.”
Despite being in a relatively new building, the
needs of the customer are always changing, and
because of that, Lone Star continually strives to
meet their demands.
“We’ve done some upgrades recently
because we noticed that customers were start-
ing to line up in a fashion in the morning with
service, so we created a new flow in our service
area just by changing the architecture and the
space where the customers come into and
gather in the morning,” Clarke tells us. “There are
some new processes and systems in place that
makes things easier. There’s also a new waiting
area with light refreshments – food and drink.
We find it’s much better organized.”
Technology being loaded onto new vehicles
continues to ascend at a blistering pace; improv-
ing both safety and performance, which in turn is
of tremendous benefit to the consumer. Clarke
says he has noticed an evolution of the buyer
as automobiles become more sophisticated.
Customers are much better informed and their
expectation is that the dealer personnel will be
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