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MARCH 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
The company prides itself on superior design
and exploring new ways to innovate and improve
the quality of its products. “We’re always work-
ing on new projects. In our slow time, we’ll work
on different projects and new items to put on the
market,” Clark explains. “We’re currently looking at
a bale chopper, redesigning one we made years
ago, which we want to improve on. We are also
looking into producing some lawn sweepers and
flail mowers.”
Right now HelmWelding is manufacturing a
mixer with four doors for a customer in Florida,
which is a prime example of how the company
services a customer’s specific requirements. This
practice is what Clark says has kept customers
coming back over the decades. He says the com-
pany operates on the philosophy that a first sale is
good, second and third sales are great, but fifth and
sixth sales should be the company’s goal.
While the community of Lucknow plays a significant
role in the company’s identity, the rural location
presents a challenge when shipping products to the
farthest reaches of the globe. Clark explains that
the products are loaded in a container and shipped
to Toronto, where the train takes them across the
country to a sea port to be loaded on a ship, if they
are going abroad.
The company continues to prosper and
remains committed to offering the best selec-
tion of agricultural equipment. “We’d like to thank
all our customers who have supported us and we
hope they can continue supporting us in the future,”
Helm adds.
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