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Helm Welding (1983) Limited
In 1968, Art Helm, founder of
Helm Welding (1983) Limited,
began a small welding, repair, and
machine shop based in the small
community of Lucknow, Ontario. As
his reputation grew, he expanded
his business to manufacture
snowblowers, wagons, bale stookers,
and gravity boxes, as well as services
for farm industrial equipment.
the Helm Welding prod-
uct offering continued to expand. Under the
Lucknow brand, the company has established
itself as a leading manufacturer of strong and
dependable agricultural equipment. From its
location in rural Ontario, Helm Welding conducts
approximately half of its business internationally
in 17 countries.
President Kevin Clark and co-owner Grant
Helm spoke with The Canadian Business Journal
about the company’s history, the Lucknow
brand, its thriving international business and the
importance of loyal customers.
A History of Designing
Exceptional Machines
With each successful decade, Helm Welding has
continued to grow and innovate the Lucknow
line. In the 1970s, the company added bulk feed
storage tanks, grain buggies and mixer feed-
ers. In 1979, its size and manufacturing capacity
more than doubled. By 1983, the company was
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