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Helm Welding (1983) Limited
its new material handler for the purpose of
spreading sand for cattle bedding. However, its
customers discovered additional uses for the
product and began buying it for landscape work
and golf course maintenance. In 2010, Helm
Welding added rotary tillers and multi-purpose
blades to remove snow and maintain yards.
Products Made for the
Helm Welding strives to produce quality and
dependable products that go above and beyond
the competition. To do this, the Lucknow brand
is designed to meet the particular needs of its
customers. Each of its products is available in a
wide range of model sizes, with their own dif-
ferent purpose for the end user.
While offering a range of products, one of
Helm Welding’s best known products is its feed
mixers. In today’s competitive market, choosing
the right mixer is an essential ingredient for suc-
cess. Helm says the company offers customers
the most affordable and dependable mixer on
the market, with numerous models and options,
ranging in mixing capacities of 150 to 900 cubic
“Quite often our mixers, whether it be for
feed or compost, are made to the specs a cus-
tomer requires,” he explains. “Rather than have
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