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MARCH 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
Exceptional customer service is a core
principle. “Our goal is to get the product in the
hands of the consumer at the most afford-
able price and give them 110% support at the
customer-service level,” he adds. “I think taking
good care of your customer is really important
today, because the consumer will hold you
accountable. There’s the web and there’s social
media. If you are not taking care of the con-
sumer, they will call you out on it.”
While Stoter says the company’s success
has a lot to do with hiring hardworking team
members who care about the business, there
are a couple other business secrets he doesn’t
mind sharing. The first is to only do a couple of
things, but “essentially be the best in the world
at those things.” He also suggests offering con-
sumers a product or service that is different and
has more value than the competition. “If it is
not different, it is going to be very difficult to be
successful,” he remarks.
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