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Vivere Ltd.
Based in Guelph, Ontario, Vivere Ltd.
is an outdoor living company that
sells a variety of hammocks, stands
and accessories. Since 2004, the
company has grown from a small
Canadian operation that started in a
house with rooms full of hammocks
to a global company known for
unique designs. The company’s
primary product offering is great
quality hammocks and accessories
in fresh contemporary designs, and
vibrant exclusive colours.
and necessary reprieve
from hectic modern living, Vivere strives to
promote leisure and a calm, balanced lifestyle.
From coast to coast, whether backyard, balcony
or backpacking, Vivere encourages a passion for
the outdoors, rest and relaxation. This month
Founder and CEO Jason Stoter spoke with
Canadian Business Journal
about the hammock
supplier’s interesting history, growth and commit-
ment to customer service and niche products that
give it a competitive edge over the competition.
Born on a Beach in
In 2002, while vacationing on a beach in
Mexico, Stoter was approached by a man sell-
ing hammocks and bought one for $20. He was
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