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MARCH 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
instantly taken with the relaxed, outdoor feel-
ings the beautiful hammock inspired and had
the idea to import the hammocks from Mexico
to sell in Canada. He returned home to finish
his MBA, but a few years later Stoter returned
to Mexico looking for suppliers. While there, he
met an Australian businessman who convinced
him to import hammocks from Brazil instead.
In 2004, Stoter founded as Hammock
Village (later rebranded as Vivere). His first large
customer was Home Hardware and other retail-
ers that sold gardening equipment, gifts, and
outdoor patio furniture.
As years passed, the company’s sales dou-
bled and Stoter wrestled with the best next step
for the business. He considered diversifying
by adding more outdoor living categories or
expanding the hammock line and finding new
markets outside Canada. Ultimately, he chose
the latter and it turned out to be a good choice.
The company expanded into the United
States in 2012 and experienced exponential
levels of growth, paving the way for greater
international expansion. In 2015, the company
launched in Europe with similar levels of suc-
cess. With a significant amount of online sales,
the company is currently setting up partnerships
in Japan, mainland China and South Korea. In
addition, from its European base, the com-
pany is reaching out to interested parties in the
Middle East and parts of Africa.
“The business has kind of gone from this
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