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MARCH 2016
The Canadian Business Journal
to call out bad business practices online. As a
result, for its large international customer, Stoter
is the wholesaler but the company continues
to handle quality control issues, testing and
regulatory issues that are specific to particular
The Wow Factor
Vivere sells a variety of traditional hammocks,
stands, and outdoor accessories but their
unique designs, such as the Original Dream
Chair and hammock combos, make up almost
80% of their sales. In fact, offering products that
are unique to the market is what continues to
make Vivere the successful company it is today.
Vivere ranked 27th on the 2014 PROFIT 500 list
of fastest-growing companies in Canada.
“We are quite aggressive in pursing new prod-
ucts that are not in the market, so niche items and
products that the consumer can say: ‘Oh wow!’”
Stoter explains. “We try to wow the consumer each
year. It’s difficult and hard work to find new prod-
ucts each year, but we work really, really hard.”
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