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with all the usual bureaucracy that comes with
insurance. Using the latest technologies allows
us to be much more informative, rapid and inter-
active in our approach.”
MSH is proud to have more than 30 different
nationalities in their Calgary office. This alleviates
language and cultural barriers when their clients
call them for help. “Our business model has
grown increasingly complex,” says de Dreuzy.
“Compliance remains the main subject as local
regulations create confusion and are always
subject to interpretation. If medical troubles
occur while you are overseas, you want to make
sure that your insurance company can provide
the medical care that you need, 24/7.”
As a part of the healthcare sector, MSH
INTERNATIONAL is dedicated to helping the
communities improve mental and physical
health. Every year, a team of MSH employee runs
for Darkness into Light, a fundraising event orga-
nized by the Pieta House, which offer help and
counselling to people with mental illnesses.
Employees of MSH INTERNATIONAL Canada
like to give back to their communities as well and
each member of staff donates $5 per month to
a common fundraising, which is decided at the
end of each year by their Social Committee.
“This summer MSH INTERNATIONAL was
also a sponsor of the Canadian athlete Laval St
Germain, who crossed the Atlantic Ocean rowing
solo more than 4,500 kilometres from Halifax,
Nova Scotia to Brest, France,” says de Dreuzy.
“Thanks to sponsors and donations, he raised
over $57,000 for the Alberta Cancer foundation.”
Anticipating Business
Needs on a Global Level
“We are closely watching the presidential
election in the United States,” says de Dreuzy.
“Whoever becomes the new President will
definitely change our political and economic
landscape. This comments also applies to
the insurance sector as the Affordable Care
Act, also called Obamacare has created many
opportunities but also challenges for the
expatriate world.”
Technology and transparency are MSH
INTERNATIONAL’s goals. “We wish to deliver the
service excellence expected by our clients and
partners,” says de Dreuzy. “It is in this direction that
we will lead our next innovations. Among them,
we are developing a new solution for individual
expatriates which will widen our range of products
on the individual side. We are also about to launch
a new online platform that will help our partnered
brokers, key actors in our distribution channel, to
manage their business with us.”
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