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The Canadian Business Journal
not an insurance company per se, we do not
take risk; we are not a pure insurance brokerage
firm either. Rather, we design, build, and admin-
ister healthcare plans for employees working
abroad by putting together multiple insurance
components and managing their back office.”
This approach provides their clients with the best
of both worlds by providing one solution for their
employees globally.
Offering Comprehensive
Services Worldwide
Having a single partner covering all health insur-
ance needs provides significant advantages in
terms of flexibility and plan sustainability. MSH’s
comprehensive service covers consulting, admin-
istration and management of employee benefit
plans to help their clients choose the best option,
one that is tailored to their specific situation.
“Covering employees around the world is
quite a complex endeavour”, says de Dreuzy.
‘We offer speedy solutions to cover emergencies
and provide access to the best hospitals in the
world. We are also a Third Party Administrator
with underwriting capabilities, meaning that we
can provide not only medical insurance, but
also Life and Disability insurance which medical
evacuation and wellness programs.”
MSH offers their clients a number of valu-
able additional services available all on-line.
“Our cutting edge technology allows our clients
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