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to manage their policies more effectively by
accessing their personalized page,” says de
Dreuzy. “They can monitor their reimbursements
and geo-locate the nearest medical provider
by accessing one of the largest international
medical networks with +980,000 healthcare
professionals worldwide. Further, they can
receive medical advice through our customer
service center operating 24/7.”
Technology as a Value
Over the last couple of years, MSH has identi-
fied two clear trends in preferences within the
insurance market: transparency and technology.
It is with this knowledge that they have built their
current vision and strategy.
“For many insurance players, obtaining valu-
able data and controlling medical premiums is
not a simple or straightforward task,” says de
Dreuzy. “In many parts of the world and espe-
cially in the United States, the international
insurance industry remains opaque, frustrating
employers of all sizes and concentrations. Data
is usually presented at the macro level, and only
becomes available only when medical policy is
about to be finalized. But when policy renewals
are only months away, it is too late for HR man-
agers to react. They do not have time to correct
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