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MSH International
plan anomalies or study the methods with which
companies can mitigate medical costs for the
upcoming year.”
There is an increasing demand for technol-
ogy, both from MSH’s corporate clients and
their insured members. Data management
software, online communication tools and
mobile apps have become major components
of modern business because of technology.
“In the present time any company looking to
provide service excellence must bring technol-
ogy to its value proposition,” says de Dreuzy.
“This is why we have decided to emphasize on
transparency and technology in our products
and services offering.”
With this in mind, The Group has developed
‘MSH Aviator’, an online business intelligence
tool that highlights employee benefits programs’
utilization. “Thanks to this online platform, our
clients now have a clear overview and better
control of their benefits plan,” says de Dreuzy.
“Providing healthcare around the world is an
expensive proposition and our clients need to
have the best tool in order to improve cost-con-
tainment without compromising on the welfare
of employees.”
Driven by New Products
and Services
The past year has been filled with new partner-
ships for MSH. They have strengthened their
position internationally by acquiring new mar-
kets. MSH INTERNATIONAL’s global network of
healthcare providers has grown with new part-
nerships and their important networks, including
Medisys Corporate Health, Canada’s leader in pre-
ventive healthcare, and Centric Health, Canada’s
number one independent healthcare services
“We’ve extended our offer with new prod-
ucts and services to improve our client retention
and stay ahead of our competitors,” says de
Dreuzy. “We’ve also signed exclusive partner-
ships with major insurance brokers, including
1,2,3,4,5,6,7 9,10,11,12
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