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The Canadian Business Journal
out of the bidding process. This lack of com-
petition makes construction more expensive,
according to de Jong.
“There’s plenty of good research to show
that restricted tendering inflates construction
costs by anywhere from 20- to 30%. It means
taxpayers are not getting good value and infra-
structure funding is not stretching as far as it
should. The more it costs, the less that gets
built. That has to change,” he says.
And change is happening. In September,
the Greater Essex County District School Board
succeeded in its appeal before the Ontario
Labour Relations Board. The ruling means that
the school board is no longer forced to arti-
ficially restrict construction project awards to
contractors affiliated with select unions.
“The ruling helps pave the way for other
school boards and municipalities to free them-
selves from construction labour monopolies”,
adds de Jong. “This is a significant step forward
in making construction tendering fair and put-
ting public interests first.”
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