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2016-10-17 4:06 PM
grow our economy, and we also need to pro-
vide proper stewardship to the environment
and respect the communities within which
these projects take place. Canada has the
expertise, technology and innovation to move
forward in the most responsible way possible.
We believe it’s time to get building.”
Fair Construction
While fair, open and transparent construction
tendering should be the principles that guide
the public procurement process in every region
of Canada, this isn’t the case. In Manitoba for
example, de Jong believes outdated labour
laws have allowed project labour agreements
to continue, driving up costs, and prevent-
ing workers who don’t carry the “right union
card” from working on major publically funded
infrastructure projects. PCA is confident that by
working with the new government in Manitoba,
this is about to change. In Ontario, PCA is
also working to change the province’s Labour
Relations Act.
PCA has galvanized support for its Fair
Construction campaign aimed at amending the
act so that all Ontario municipalities can fairly
and openly tender publically funded construc-
tion projects. Currently, in municipalities where
tendering is restricted, such as Toronto, Sault
Ste. Marie, Hamilton and Waterloo Region,
local qualified companies and workers are shut
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