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Paysafe Group PLC
In an often intimidating, ever-changing
technological world that seemingly
becomes more complex with each
passing day it is comforting to know
that a company with Canadian
origins called Paysafe Group PLC
has established itself as a proven
and trusted leader in dispensing
safe, secure online and mobile
payment services to merchants and
consumers around the globe.
the Isle of Man, Paysafe is an
international technology enterprise and a leader
in digital payments and transaction-related solu-
tions for businesses. The company has in excess
of 2,000 employees worldwide, including more
than 400 in Canada at its offices in Montreal,
Gatineau and Calgary. It is publicly traded on the
main London Stock Exchange.
Supported by two decades of experience,
the company offers a suite of integrated pay-
ment solutions to business software providers
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