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The Canadian Business Journal
“Danny Chazonoff, who was still at
Optimal, had contacted me and I helped
orchestrate a management buyback of the
business. In 2008, the company was privatized
keeping the Optimal Payments name,” con-
tinues Leonoff, who came onboard in the dual
role as president and CEO.
The company continued to grow with an
ongoing presence in European online gam-
bling to a certain degree, but mostly it was the
continued development of ecommerce and
helping companies accept credit cards and
other payments on websites around the world
that became the primary focus.
A noticeable upswing in transitional
transactions became noticeable by 2011.
Optimal Payments was acquired by Neovia
Financial, the former parent of NETELLER, to
create a global player in mainstream online
payments in what in what was effectively
described as a reverse takeover.
“They were significant in the online gambling
space,” states Leonoff. “We saw that there was
movement in the United States for online gam-
bling to be legal again and they did legalize it in
Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.”
Furthermore, there had been ongoing
discussions about expanding the legalization
in California, Pennsylvania and New York. On a
state by state basis online gambling is definitely
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