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establishments. “We are now at the six-month
mark and have successfully provided over 70 jobs
to new Syrian Canadians,” Fakih proudly says. “I’m
confident that we will surpass our goal of 100 in
the following six months.”
In addition to the initiative with Syrian refugees,
Paramount Fine Foods is continuing its national
expansion at a rapid pace. New locations include
further expansion into the GTA with Toronto’s Front
St, Yorkdale Mall, and Liberty Village to name a few.
The plans and goals for 2017 is to continue to build
a strong brand on a national level, and gain a larger
market share. On an international level, Paramount
plans to expand into more countries and continue
to build the brand on a global scale.
Fakih’s extremely high standards for Paramount
ensure superb customer service, outstanding hos-
pitality standards and the freshest Middle Eastern
cuisine in the industry. The executive team is dili-
gent in educating all of their staff on each aspect of
the company and service philosophies. Their strat-
egy has always been that the customer is the boss.
“Paramount Fine Food’s success is attributed to my
team,” says Fakih. “They are skilled and dedicated
individuals who treat the business as their own. The
Paramount team has built its structure on the same
values, and regardless of growth, those values are
vital to our ongoing success.” From the executive
team to the restaurant serving staff, their values
are the same and it’s those values that ensure
Paramount delivers service and commitment to
their brand and to their customers.
“I want to thank my community for support-
ing Paramount Fine Foods growth and believing
in the brand,” says Fakih. “And I would like to
thank my dedicated team for helping make this
growth happen and for continuing to believe in
our vision.”
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