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TransferEASE Relocation Inc.
TransferEASE Relocation Inc.
specializes in full service relocation,
and offers a wide range of relocation
services within Canada and
internationally. This Canadian family-
owned and operated business offers
clients 18 locations throughout
Canada, support for about 135
locations globally, and its clients
are serviced by company’s 500-
plus employees, and thousands of
part of the Campbell Group
of Companies (CGC), which has been operat-
ing in Canada for over 100 years. Campbell
Group acquired TransferEASE in 1990 in order
to provide its clients additional service to its
core moving business. But times have changed,
and with people moving globally at a faster and
faster pace in larger numbers, TransferEASE has
become a business in its own right under CGC as
its parent company.
While the business premise is quite straight-
forward – moving a person or a family from a
point A to a point B – the business of relocation
is anything but simple when dealing with the
complexity that is moving to a new city, country
or continent.
The Canadian Business Journal spoke with
Vickie Campbell, President, about TransferEASE,
including the roots of the company, how it grew
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