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under the CGC umbrella, and what makes it dif-
ferent from the competition.
“TransferEASE is part of our group of com-
panies, which include moving and real estate,
and it stems from our moving business. We are
a global relocation company, so we want to
help people to get through the whole relocation
process of relocating, whether its around the
corner, North America, or worldwide. This was
originally a complementary service that rode on
the coattails of our moving business, but and it
has continued to grow over the years, we have
decided to separate the two into individual busi-
nesses,” Campbell says.
TransferEASE provides origin services, transi-
tion services, and destination services. The origin
services include relocation budgeting, home sale,
rental or empty property maintenance, transition
services include household goods moving and
storage, repatriation program, and cross-cultural
program and coaching, and the destination
services include budgeting, home search and
rental, settling-in services, elder and child care
services, and anything necessary to move peo-
ple safely and securely with as little stress as
possible. To serve its clients, TransferEASE has
affiliates in about 135 locations across the globe,
and understanding the Canadian, U.S., and inter-
national employee relocation practices gives
TransferEASE the ability to provide its clients with
a seamless relocation service, including recom-
mendations and guidance.
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