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The Canadian Business Journal
“Our services include helping with real estate,
services regarding families, schools or special
needs, tax issues, and many other potential
issues. We have people on the ground world-
wide, because people need local support and
presence—a person or a team who will direct
them, and show them where to shop, help solve
currency issues, find schools, address language
differences, and many other basic things,”
explains Campbell. “We consult with clients
throughout the process so we understand their
needs and lifestyle. This way we can, for exam-
ple, match them with the relator who will pick
the client up and address the needs, and show
you the home you may be interested. The whole
goal is to shorten the process and the stress level
connected with relocation.”
The company’s main focus is on providing
the transition services to Canadian and interna-
tional corporations, because they require moving
many of their corporate employees all over the
world on a regular basis. TransferEASE’s client
base is made of very broad range of industries
and corporations, including: mining, banking,
insurance, pharmaceutical, transportation, and
“When you get to the corporate side, there
are also the so-called ‘guarantee programs’, and
these assure that people receive fair price for
their homes. So there is much more involvement
from their side in the relocation,” Campbell says.
Interestingly, most of the competition to
this Canadian, family-owned business comes
from the large U.S. corporations. “We have been
fighting a bit of an uphill battle in the industry,
and in the light of this large competition, the
potential clients perceive us as ‘small’ in com-
parison, and this creates a challenge through the
client perception that we may not be as able to
provide the service worldwide. Our volume may
be lower in comparison, but we do international
transitions all the time just as the large providers,”
Campbell states.
TransferEASE holds ISO 2008:9001, and is
also WBE Women-Owned Business certified,
as the only Women’s Business Enterprise in the
relocation industry in Canada. Additionally, CGC
made the list of PROFIT 500 Fastest-growing
Companies in Canada, and is one of Canada’s
Best Managed Companies (Deloitte).
Campbell concludes “We are the only relo-
cation and moving company in Canada with
these awards. From the clients’ comments, what
people like is that we don’t have a cookie-cutter
service. We customize our services to fit each
individual client. We like to work with the cul-
ture of the client and customize the service.
Achieving “the perfect relocation” for our cus-
tomer is our ultimate goal.”
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