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The Canadian Business Journal
an employer under 1,000 employees after being
a finalist in 2014.
“A group of us went to Toronto for the gala
event to receive the award and we were very
proud of that,” Chinnick says. “As a result we’ve
been featured a couple of times in Benefits
Canada magazine.”
On a personal note, Chinnick says she feels
very fortunate to work for an employer that has
such an amazing, robust wellness program. “We
have a wonderful gym that has been refurbished
and one-on-one wellness consultations during
work hours. There are many fun, engaging activi-
ties to get people thinking about that aspect of
their working selves.”
An observer from within the telecom industry
once told Cameron that they could see the many
challenges BT had to endure over the past few
years, including notice of a sale, then the failed
sale and finally the effort to recover, which it has
been successful in doing. “That person described
us as a resilient bunch of people. I took that as
a really strong compliment. Through it all we’ve
demonstrated solid financial results, committed
to service and stayed the course.”
The corporate plan is now firmly in place and
is one that Cameron and Chinnick are helping to
spearhead as BT continues to expand its cus-
tomer base and its products and services.
“In terms of strategy and business plans we
want to see the company continue to grow,
including expanding services and opportuni-
ties for our staff,” Cameron offers. “There isn’t
a hard number that says we want to grow by
x-percentage but I think at the end of the day
delivering solid value to our shareholder, good
opportunities to grow and making sure that we
are viewed as strong community partner. Those
are all motives that drive our organization and we
want to see it on an upward curve in all areas.”
“It’s about being able to offer everything that
the big companies are doing, being on par with
those services and keeping up with all the latest
technologies, while also maintaining that per-
sonal touch,” Chinnick concludes.
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