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Bruce Telecom
Much has changed since 2012 when
we last reported on Bruce Telecom, a
western Ontario telecommunications
company, wholly owned by the
Municipality of Kincardine, located
along the eastern shore of Lake
Huron. For more than a century,
BT has delivered telecom services
to the province’s underserved rural
population including residential
and business telephones, digital
television, high-speed Internet and
wireless cellular products.
us really is on growing our
business and with that making sure we’re pro-
viding excellent service to our customers with
recent and innovative products that no matter
where people live,” begins Bruce Telecom CEO
Bart Cameron.
It’s a fallacy – or urban myth – that people in
rural areas are more accepting of a lesser product
than the more urban centres. Cameron says that’s
just not the case. People are craving the latest
products and services and it’s the objective of BT
to ensure those are available in the marketplace
they serve. “For us, when we talk about urban
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