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The Canadian Business Journal
centres it might be a town of 1,000 people or less,
but we think of those areas as key communities
and where we’re in the process of bringing fibre to
the home in a number of communities.”
Bruce Telecom is constantly examining meth-
ods for feasible solutions to get as many people
connected into the wired world as possible. Fibre
to the home is the best solution whereby custom-
ers are able to choose high-bandwidth packages
and television services in what amounts to an
extremely high-quality product.
It wasn’t that long ago when it appeared the
organization was going to be sold. However, the
deal was not consummated and since that time
the municipality of Kincardine has made a full
commitment to retaining ownership.
“The municipality has been very public
about its support for what we are doing and
they’re assisting us in looking at governance
models; methods in which we can finance the
company and look at expansion plans. The
company is not for sale and Kincardine is com-
mitted to growing it and building a really strong
asset,” Cameron confirms.
As a more compact but very successful tele-
com enterprise BT is nimble and able to react far
more rapidly than larger entities in the same work-
space. The company maintains a close relationship
with its customers and always strives to remain
in contact with them to ensure the products and
services they receive not only meet expectations,
but exceed them. Customers today are technically
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