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Bruce Telecom
savvy and know what’s available in other parts of
the country and they have the same expectations.
BT has shown a tremendous capacity to stay at the
front of the curve in that regard.
The ability to innovate and showcase disrup-
tive products to the market quickly and stay in
tune with what’s happening within the industry
over the next few years will ensure a success-
ful path according to Cameron. To that end, it’s
often said that the success of any organization is
directly intertwined with the commitment, dedi-
cation and intellect of its employees.
“It’s what enables any organization and we’re
certainly no exception. We have many long-term
employees and I think that speaks to the loyalty
and genuine support that the staff has for the
company,” Cameron notes. “At the same time,
we’ve been able to attract new people and have
a really good dynamic of people who want to
see the company be successful.”
“An advantage to operating on a smaller
scale is that we can quickly improve a process
or develop a new process where we need
to probably faster and easier than a large
company,” adds Danica Chinnick, Marketing
Coordinator at Bruce Telecom.
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