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Bruce Telecom
community partner. One of the more substantial
annual events that are embraced by the entire
community is the Lighthouse Blues Festival.
“It’s been a really exciting thing to be a part
of and seeing it grow from its beginning from this
little festival that drew a couple hundred people
in its first year to what it is today. It really is a
sight to behold now,” Chinnick says. “Our staff
are really engaged with this type of festival and
have a lot of fun with it. The whole thing gener-
ates a lot of goodwill and tens of thousands of
dollars has gone towards various initiatives.”
Another major entertainment event is Port
Elgin’s Pumpkinfest. It is held every fall and
provides a fun outlet for BT to get involved in
trying to bring some of their expertise to the
forefront by providing internet connectivity and
Wi-Fi access. These events, and others, gen-
erate funds that go back into the community
whether it is for children’s activities or other
worthwhile causes.
Corporate Challenges
Staff at BT regularly participates in a number of
corporate challenges in the community, includ-
ing dressing up to raise awareness for various
causes like ’80s day for the Women’s House,
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