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or wearing purple for epilepsy awareness day.
There has been the purchase of raffle tickets
for Alzheimer’s Coffee Breaks or special purple
donuts for Saugeen Shores’ Liv-A-Little founda-
tion. Being intertwined as a prominent presence
in socially supporting the community is some-
thing BT is accustomed to doing.
“I’m quite proud of what we’ve been able to
accomplish at our company in terms of getting
staff engaged not only in the bigger events but
some of these other opportunities we look to
participate in,” adds Chinnick. “Our staff collects
pledges and donate their own money to par-
ticipate in things like the United Way’s Backpack
Program or the big bike ride for the Heart &
Stroke Foundation, which we did this year with
a large team of people. We’ve also done the
Parkinson’s Super Walk.”
An exceptionally fun initiative put on by BT
last year involved a summer-long series of out-
door games and sporting events. Staff would
make donations and would culminate at the end
of the summer with Dunk Tank Day where indi-
viduals had the option to either sign up to be
dunked or pay to dunk others.
“Over the course of the lunch hour people
would gladly pay money for that,” Chinnick
laughs. “They’d gladly pay money to dunk me
in the water,” Cameron quickly interjects with a
hearty chuckle. That particular initiative netted
more than $3,000 in donations for the local chap-
ter of the Canadian Tire Jump Start Program.
In addition to being part of the excitement
and fun within the community, the company is
also quick to act in showing its compassionate
side during unsettling times as well. Last year
a number of families in Owen Sound were left
homeless following a string of arsons. Bruce
Telecom was one of the first corporate citizens
on the scene with a generous donation cheque
and providing assistance to the United Way.
“The United Way offices are just shy of an
hour’s drive from our head office and obviously
the situation made the news around here in a big
way,” Chinnick says. “We contacted the United
Way and asked how we could help. They told us
about their intention to pull together a telethon
very quickly so we went with a donation cheque
and some silent auction prizes and sent techni-
cians there to set up phone lines so they could
handle the extra volume of calls.”
“In a lot of ways it’s about being present and
connected in the community,” Cameron adds.
“So many times we have members of the com-
munity come up to our staff and say thank you
and share stories with us.”
“I believe that’s why we get so many requests
for support. People recognize we are a strong
supporter of community causes,” Chinnick says.
Celebrating Success
BT has partnered with Employee Wellness
Solutions Network since 2011 to deliver a variety
of interactive programs as part of the overall cor-
porate wellness initiative. The company won the
Benefits Canada 2015 Workplace Benefits Award
for Outstanding Health & Wellness Program for
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