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commitment to enhancing the customer’s
As the automotive industry continues to
change at a very fast pace, the traditional sales
process which included multiple visits to the
dealership has been replaced with more online
research and communication. Prestige strives
to ensure that clients are able to receive all of
the information that they seek, customized
to their preferences. Prestige’s websites are
constantly updated with the most recent infor-
mation on all of their vehicles, prices, inventory,
services and automotive news. Customers can
contact Prestige via online bookings, email, text
and social media.
Paired with the progression of technology in
new vehicles, Prestige ensures that their team is
up to date and trained on all new developments.
The sales team receives continuous technical
training in order to educate our customers on
all the latest changes. As the automotive indus-
try evolves, Prestige prides themselves on being
proactive instead of reactive to the changes and
trends of the automotive industry. Whether it is
creating an e-commerce department or build-
ing facilities that cater to a customer’s every
need, they are always ready to embrace the
changes in the market.
Despite the impact of the Albertan and
Canadian economy, the group is looking
towards the future with great optimism as they
continue to expand in 2016 and for many years
to come. With plans on expansion into more
regions of Canada, Prestige will continue to
offer the highest level of customer satisfaction
that can be found at their current dealerships.
There are exciting things to come from the
Prestige Auto Group in the near future and the
group is excited to be able to continue to do
what they do best on a national level.
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